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Cross-Border Opportunities: Growth & Risk

Develop product pages for overseas attention and combat cross-border e-commerce fraud and false declines with PingPong, Zonos, and ClearSale.

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Ecommerce is growing, but so is the risk of fraud. Protect your business and deliver on CX.

Join ClearSale and WM Digital to learn how you can grow your online business by preventing fraud and false declines during sales peaks, while improving the overall customer experience. 

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How can merchants protect their revenue from chargeback fees and disputes?

IntegrisDesign and ClearSale explain how businesses can protect their hard-earned revenue and gain peace of mind by implementing a chargeback management strategy.

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Can your store deliver a great shopping experience and avoid costly fraud this holiday season?

Join ClearSale and BigCommerce leaders to learn the latest fraud and CX developments and what they mean for your holiday strategies.

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JULY 2020

Las pasarelas de pago y su impacto en el ecommerce en la industria del deporte

Conocerás la experiencia, casos de éxito y retos a los que las pasarelas de pago se han enfrentado ante el incremento de la demanda

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MAY 2020

Protecting Your Ecommerce Revenue from Order to Delivery and Beyond

Rafael Lourenço and Denise Purtzer from ClearSale, Adam Gardner, Route Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Mike Fagan, Midigator Senior Partner Account Manager will talk about how merchants can protect their revenue end-to-end.

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APR 2020

How chargebacks and false declines hurt your business

Rafael Lourenço, ClearSale Executive Vice President and David Fletcher, senior vice president of sales, talks about how chargebacks and false declines can and will hurt your business.

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MARCH 2020

How to avoid Fraud and Chargebacks?

In this webinar, Orleatha Smith of Inclusive Pay and Denise Purtzer, vice-president of partnership and alliances in ClearSale, talk about ways of preventing frauds, what are chargebacks and how to avoid them.

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How to balance revenue, fraud prevention, and customer experience

No ecommerce merchant wants to lose money to fraud. But many fraud prevention strategies create a terrible customer experience. When good customers are falsely declined, they get angry and frustrated – and they may never return to that store.

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4 Back to School Ecommerce Tools: From Checkout to Delivery

Watch APS Payments, ShipWorks, ClearSale, and Route as we share tips about how to leverage our integrated solutions for Magento to offer a smooth Ecommerce checkout and delivery experience for back to school.

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JUNE 2019

Criminal Fraud or Friendly Fraud? Protecting Your Business Without Risk

Whether they come from criminal attacks, cyber-shoplifting, or even customer misunderstandings, illegitimate chargebacks cut into your bottom line. Learn how merchants can create a chargeback management strategy that addresses disputes without adding risk.

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