El fraude en el eCommerce es diferente en cada mercado.

Acerca de ClearSale

Brindamos mucho más que una simple protección contra el fraude. Generamos confianza entre tu empresa y tus excelentes clientes, para mejorar los resultados totales de tu negocio.

We go beyond simple fraud protection

Nuestros Clientes

Las marcas más importantes en el eCommerce confían en ClearSale para proteger sus ventas, sus clientes y sus negocios.

Nuestra Cultura

Entendemos el fraude como muy pocos, somos una de las operaciones de prevención del fraude de tarjetas no presentes más grande del mundo

ClearSale reviews by G2

Amazing - takes the stress away from me!


"I love that it takes the stress away from me worrying about fraud charges."

Clear Sale gives us confidence that we will get paid


"Clear sale are very good, the orders get approved quickly ,which is great so we know we can confidently send out the goods. payment confirmation usually happens in 2-3 hrs. once that happens we know we are covered."

From the viewpoint of someone who has been the victim of Credit Card Fraud


"We are in the Durable Medical Equipment supply industry and we use Shopify as our shopping cart. With Covid 19 we have seen a tremendous increase web traffic and online purchases. Prior to Covid 19 we had a number of fraudulent transactions that led to multiple investigations on Local, State and Federal levels all of which produced no returns only because the crooks were faster. This cost us in..."

Amazing Company to work with


"Their customer service is the best. They are quick to respond and answer question regarding orders that are denied."

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